Unlock the Power of Redox Signaling

Watch this short 2-minute video below on the athletic benefits Redox Signaling provides and why.

 A natural remedy that infuses the fountain of longevity back into the mitochondria.

Have you heard of Redox Signaling? 
Did you know it’s the hottest subject being studied by Universities and laboratories around the world? 

If you’re like me, you never heard of Redox Signaling either. It wasn’t until the fall of 2018. During a conversation with another two health experts they mentioned Redox Signaling regenerated cells for increased health and vitality. My gut told me I just came across something very special.  I’ll explain a little later how you can start using this powerful resource as well. 

What I soon discovered was Redox Signaling molecules are often described as the cellular messengers within our bodies, playing a critical role in cellular health and maintaining a homeostasis balance at the most foundational level throughout the body. These tiny but mighty molecules are responsible for transmitting vital energy that aids in the restoration, rejuvenation, replenishment, and protection of our cells.

You keep a strong mind and body with age.

With this new knowledge I eagerly added Redox into my daily routine. 

Although I was already fit, eating well, and taking a few quality supplements, this Redox Signaling solution was quite unique – it sounded like the missing link to fully optimize my body.

That’s because at their core, Redox molecules serve as the body’s own alert system, signaling when something isn’t quite right or when changes are needed within your cells. As you journey through the aging process, however, you gradually experience a decline in the levels of these essential Redox-Signaling molecules. The good news is that there is a solution – replenishing with ASEA’s Redox signaling molecules.

My personal experience with Redox Signaling has been nothing short of transformational and life-changing. 

The impact has been mind-blowing. 

Ricardo visiting the Vertis L. Norton Center for Redox Life Sciences

I consider myself an innovator, so the fact ASEA’s Redox solution was new and specialized was very exciting. 

I initially began using it to protect and preserve my health as I got older. To my amazement, it did much more. Getting older my workout recovery was very problematic. I would be extremely achy all over and fatigued post-workout. This would lead into the next day and it limited how much I could do after exercising. Eventually, I had to cut my workouts short and workout less each week.Then I discovered that:

  1. Professional and Olympic athletes use Redox to boost their athletic performance.
  2. The Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State University in North Carolina completed two revolutionary studies that proved ASEA’s Redox technology enhanced performance.

I immediately added Redox to my pre- and post- workout regime. 

Since using Redox before and after I workout, I feel 20 years younger. 

At 48, it still amazes me how good I feel as I go about my day after my workout – feeling no pain, no fatigue, and very little soreness. Inspired with what Redox did for me, over the last 5 years, I got my hands on everything I could, extensively researching Redox Signaling and ASEA. 

This led me to publish a book on Redox Signaling to inform others of its importance and why replenishing with Redox Signaling is so critical to exercise and overall health longevity.

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The true superpower of Redox lies in enhancing the immune system’s ability to detect damage to any cell in the body.

It moves the needle for improved cellular function specific to your needs. That is one of the reasons it is so beneficial during exercise. It intuitively supports the body where it’s needed at that time – quickly regenerating damaged muscle cells so you feel 100% so after exercising. 

The result you no longer dread training soreness, but instead you embrace the feeling of rejuvenation as you continue your day post-workout

When I learned there was an income option just recommending it, I was such a fan of the products, I jumped on board. 5 years later I have been getting a check every week just telling people my story. That has snowballed into me having customers in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, and even the Philippines.

ASEA with their exclusively owned IP offers Redox in two distinct forms:

A Redox Signaling liquid and a Redox Signaling gel. The liquid, which I consume daily, works its magic internally, boosting glutathione, enhancing vitally and health longevity, while working holistically in the body. On the other hand, the gel can be applied topically, serving a dual purpose for younger skin and as a remedy for minor issues such as cuts, bruises, and muscle aches. 

The gel does for your skin on the outside, what the liquid does for your organs on the inside. 

Renu 28 - Redox Signaling Revitalizing Gel


Renu 28 for Discomfort Relief
When applied topical Renu 28 increases blood flow by 49% within 15 minutes of the first application.

Outside of exercise the timeframe for experiencing its benefits varies from person to person, as we all have unique biological needs. While immediate changes may not be evident, rest assured that Redox is diligently working within your body, performing remarkable feats. For those committed to unlocking the full athletic potential or long-term health improvement, a minimum trial period of 90 days is recommended. 

The video just showed you how myself and countless people around the world who take their fitness seriously went from aches and pains post-work to feeling fresh and invigorated so you no longer have to worry about that post exercise crash. 

To see how ASEA Redox can change your life for increased vitality and enhanced recovery so you can workout longer, harder and more often  here are three options to consider


ASEA Single Purchase: This allows you to purchase ASEA as needed, offering flexibility in your supplementation journey. The cost will depend on the quantity you choose. 

One case of the Redox Supplement (Four 32oz bottles) is $160. One tube of the gel Renu 28 is $50.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

ASEA Monthly Purchase: This allows you to purchase ASEA as needed, offering flexibility in your supplementation journey. The cost will depend on the quantity you choose.

One case of the Redox Supplement (Four 32oz bottles) is $130. One tube of the gel Renu 28 is $40.

  • Save 20% with wholesale pricing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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Income Option: If you tried these products and experienced amazing health benefits and you authentically feel in love with them. I mean really became a raving fan, would you tell people about them? If the company paid you when someone became your customer would you use the money? 

This option allows you to both use ASEA products and potentially earn income by introducing them to others. It is $40 to be an Associate. Earn reward points and get wholesale pricing. 

One case of the Redox Supplement (Four 32oz bottles) is $130. One tube of the gel Renu 28 is $0.

Earn a little or a lot, it’s up to you. 

  • Save 20% with wholesale pricing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Earn Loyalty Rewards for free products
  • Change your subscription anytime
  • FREE copy of my Book Life’s Biohack
  • FREE copy of “The Four Year Career
  • Access to three weekly expert Q&A call


Reach out to me with any questions on using the product or joining my team and doing this together. 

ASEA is in 33 countries. 

Ricardo Wilkins

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