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Unlock your limitless potential through an immersive volunteering adventure that activates new perspectives, challenges boundaries, and cultivates lifelong personal and professional growth.

About Me

Welcome to the life-changing world of volunteering adventures! As a firm believer in personal development, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through immersive volunteering abroad. What I discovered was nothing short of remarkable – an experience that ignited a paradigm shift, unlocking my limitless potential and shaping my perspective on life and its possibilities.

By intentionally incorporating critical elements into my volunteering adventures, I harnessed the power of new environments, challenges, and skills to break internal boundaries and live authentically. These unique and unforgettable memories not only enriched my personal growth but also became the foundation for a fulfilling and accomplished life.


 Through intentional pre-, during-, and post-volunteering elements, individuals can maximize their growth potential, make the most of their experiences, and establish a solid groundwork for lifelong personal and professional development.

Join me on this empowering journey of self-realization and growth. Together, we will embark on transformational volunteering adventures that expand horizons, challenge boundaries, and create lasting impact. Get ready to unlock your true potential, embrace a fulfilled life, and make a difference in the world.

“Going on a journey to ethically volunteer and making a vulnerable commitment to being, doing, and living in an environment that is unique and, on some level, uncomfortable to you for an extended period. Shifting your old standard of what life is or is supposed to be while growing new perspectives and awakening new aspects of yourself through challenging, fun, and rewarding moments. Discovering your authentic spirit as you establish new dimensions to your mindset and capabilities to take with you in life.”
Ricardo WIlkins
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Why Immersive Voluntourism?

ConFidence - Problem Solving - Authenticity - Values-Strengthening - Unbounded - Mindset - Change

Feeling stagnant in your current path or surroundings? Limited by the boundaries of your career? Longing to contribute to a greater cause beyond yourself? It’s time for an authentic, transformative experience that inspires growth and change.

Immerse yourself in voluntourism adventures that go beyond conventional travel. By connecting with others and serving communities, you’ll step into a different environment, embracing new challenges that push your boundaries and expand your horizons.

Awaken your senses and tap into undiscovered aspects of yourself. This immersive journey will redefine your potential, bolstering your confidence and empowering personal growth. You’ll emerge feeling truly alive, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the world. There’s nothing quite like it.

Join us on this exhilarating path of self-discovery and service. Let’s break free from limitations, embrace the power of personal development, and embark on an immersive volunteering experience that transforms lives – yours and the communities we touch. Together, we’ll make a meaningful difference while experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.

My Immersive Voluntourism Experience In Cartagena Columbia

In the fall of 2018, I was fed up with my job. There was no substance in the work and it was unfulfilling. There was more I could be doing for myself and others along with growing more as a person.  It was time for a new path. I didn’t have enough saved to quit that job so I took two months off to live and volunteer in Cartagena, Columbia. 

While I was there I blogged about the experience. Perhaps it will inspire you. Perhaps it will give you some ideas on your path.  Or maybe it will just provide a good laugh. 

Read how I:

  • Followed my dream of learning to play the violin
  • Tried to learn Spanish
  • Adapted to living with strangers that didn’t know English 
  • Taught English to young adults in a low income neighborhood on the beach 
  • Overcame  limiting beliefs and fears

You can find the blog here.

To learn more about Domino Volunteers in Cartagena, Colombia please visit their official site.

Immersive Volunteering and Consulting

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